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No delay to approving new ATV helmet

The Accident Compensation Corporation and OSH say despite media reports suggesting otherwise, new ATV helmets are approved to an appropriate safety standard, NZS 8600:2002, and their distribution is a matter for the two current manufacturers.

In a joint statement, the two organisations said today it was incorrect to suggest that the release of the new ATV helmets had been delayed by OSH insisting on a standard similar to safety helmets. OSH has been closely involved with the development of the safety standard for ATV helmets, NZS 8600:2002, which was funded by ACC.

"The ATV helmets made by Pacific Helmets in Wanganui and Ferrentino Manufacturing in Waihi fully meet the new standard," said ACC Injury Prevention Programme Manager John Wallaart.

"Distribution will be through the manufacturers' standard networks, via motorcycle dealers around the country in the next few weeks," he said. "In the meantime, people will be able to obtain ATV helmets directly through each manufacturer."

OSH spokesperson Nerissa Wallace said the ATV helmet standard was developed during a year of intense discussion with many different expert technical and farming representatives. The helmets allow good vision and hearing necessary for farm operations. She said the wearing of helmets had been recommended world wide as the most effective intervention that could be undertaken immediately to reduce ATV injury.

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